About Selah

What will I learn?

The Selah Curriculum integrates personal transformation, organizational optimization, and collaboration skills within a Jewish framework. For Jews of Color seeking to explore professional and personal development skills through the lens of both Jewish identity and racial identity, this curriculum will offer:

  • Personal transformation skills help participants facilitate clear communication, give and receive effective feedback, and manage their emotional state
  • Organizational performance and collaboration skills trainings help participants develop systems for work and staff management, goal setting and planning, and implementation of effective meetings
  • Collaboration skills help participants develop a shared understanding of how to build partnerships to support effective social change work
  • Jewish learning and values are infused throughout most training modules, and all trainings include opportunities for each individual to explore and reflect on his or her Jewish identity and how it intersects with one’s leadership and social justice work

What is included in the Selah Leadership Program?

  • Nine days of training over six months
  • Peer coaching
  • On-going homework and organizational tools that you will be able to use with your home teams
  • Selah Leadership Program workbook and Online Learning Lab, complete with readings, materials, and resources that bring together the best of organizational development and personal leadership practices
  • Membership in the Selah Network (upon completing the six-month training), including membership in the Selah JOC sub-network

What impact will Selah have on my ability to be an effective leader?

  • Confidence in leadership, supervision, and management skills
  • Ability to manage one’s own feelings and reactions to others
  • Ability to act in a more conscious and intentional way, increasing strategic focus and clear decision-making
  • Clarity of purpose or inspiration for social justice work
  • Develop relationships, establish trust and rapport with others
  • Balance and pace of work priorities
  • Resources for naming the impact of race and racism on Jewish leadership
  • Connection to a supportive community of other Jewish Leaders of Color

Why is Cohort 15 focused on Jewish Leaders of Color?

The American Jewish community is multiracial – current estimates are that between 10-20% of the American Jewish community identify as Jews of Color. Yet,  – there continues to be only a few prominent Jewish leaders of color in Jewish mainstream organizations. At the same time, there are Jews of color playing significant leadership roles in secular social justice movements. This cohort aims to support Jewish leaders working both within and outside of the Jewish community.

As a national organization that exists to reinvigorate the Jewish community's commitment to working across racial, class, and gender lines toward a more just, fair, and compassionate America, it is our moral responsibility to hold these spaces and facilitate ways for all Jews to build meaningful relationships and find repair with one another over time. Bend the Arc believes that reflective leadership is paramount in building a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming Jewish community on several levels: one that allows people to bring their full selves and identities, and one that truly reflects the ever-changing face of the Jewish population at large. It is for this main reason that we have chosen to dedicate a second of two Selah cohorts to training Jewish leaders of color.

In 2015, Selah launched its first cohort for Jewish Leaders of Color, Selah Cohort 14. You can read about the participants here. Primarily led and informed by people of color, Selah Cohort 15 will not only be a unique and powerful space for the participants, but aims to contribute to the wider anti-racist efforts in the country, including the Jewish social justice sector. Part of the purpose of this project is to create a safe, healing space where Jewish leaders of color can build deep, interdependent relationships with each other to advance and support each other in their leadership inside and outside the Jewish community. The program curriculum is informed by the shared experiences and needs of Jewish leaders of color. It is intentional in acknowledging this and forging a space where those experiences can be honored, and needs can be metThis cohort is open to self-identified Jewish leaders of color, which could include Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews.


Selah is accepting applications for our 15th Cohort, due October 16th, 2017. Apply here.

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Please contact Adina Alpert at aalpert@bendthearc.us with questions.


Applicants should save the following dates, as attendance in all sessions is required for the program:

Training 1: Sunday, January 7 - Thursday, January 11, 2018
Brandeis Bardin Retreat Center, Brandeis CA

Training 2: Monday, June 25 - Thursday, June 28, 2018
Location TBD, East Coast