Community Organizing Residency FAQs

What do residents learn?

Community Organizing Residents learn personal leadership practices, broaden their network of community organizing colleagues, and deepen their understanding of the connections between faith and social change.

How is the program structured?

COR lasts six months, beginning and ending with all-cohort retreats over long weekends. Between retreats, residents will participate in reflection, mentorship, and gatherings with fellow residents in their regions.

Do applicants need to be religiously observant?

While applicants should be actively engaged with their own faith tradition or have an interest in more deeply exploring their own tradition, no minimum level of observance, belief or knowledge is required. Residents will be in a cohort with members of other faith communities and must have an interest in learning about other traditions. We also ask that all residents agree not to proselytize or promote one religion over another.

I want to be a COR Resident. How do I apply?

For information about the application process, click here.

I see that this program is an initiative of Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice. Is COR only for Jews?

No. The interfaith Community Organizing Residency is for people of any faith who are engaged in organizing. Bend the Arc is invested in building the multi-faith movement for justice across communities. 

I see that COR receives project support from Muslim, Christian and Jewish organizations. Is the program only for Muslims, Christians and Jews?

No. People of all faiths and spiritual traditions are encouraged to apply.

Who funds the Community Organizing Residency? Is there a cost to participate in COR?

The true cost of COR is approximately $10,000 per participant. Thanks to the generous support from our funders (the Rosewater Fund and the Amy Mandel-Rodis Fund), and the generosity of individual donors and COR alumni, the cost of COR is covered for participants. Upon acceptance, COR residents will be asked to commit to full participation in COR by filling out a statement of agreement.

What is the COR Alumni Community?

The COR Alumni Community consists of over 75 COR Alumni from previous cohorts who continue to build and deepen relationships with each other, support each other's work, and share resources. In May 2015, the COR Alumni Community came together for the first ever national COR Alumni Gathering, which will happen every several years as an opportunity to connect, reflect, and collaborate across the COR community.