Jeremiah Fellowship Participants

Bay Area 2017

Allison Callow

Allison is a writer, social justice advocate, idealist, and aspiring futurist who questions systems, challenges narratives, and disrupts behavior to elevate human consciousness. Driven by curiosity and pursuit of justice, Allison has 5 years experience in sustainability, education, civic engagement, and food justice, including roles such as Sustainability Coordinator at Skyline College and Deputy Field Director at 50+1 Strategies. Currently, Allison is the Program Associate at the Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative, working with faith communities to increase local, healthy food access and food sustainability in the Bay Area. She holds a B.A. in International Relations from UC Davis. When not working, she continues to explore life's greatest mysteries and forward-thinking ideas and organizations for future collaboration through traveling, reading, and meeting new people. 

Shana Friedman

Shana Friedman is a California native who moved back to the west coast after spending 4 years in Boston, where she studied computer science and film at Tufts University. She has lived and worked in San Francisco as a software engineer for the past 2 years and is attempting to explore every hike in the Bay Area (it's an ambitious goal). In her spare time, Shana enjoys reading, listening to music, drinking Philz coffee, and spending time with friends. Shana is deeply invested in tackling issues of societal iniquity, and she is excited to be part of this year's Jeremiah cohort. 

Marianne Glaser

Marianne is deeply committed to re-imagining a Jewish lifestyle built on justice and equity. She is a Northern California transplant from LA and a UC Davis graduate with honors and degrees in Human Development and Religious Studies. She was the Event Coordinator at a multi-faith co-op, and led health and wellness activities at a local assisted living home. With a flair for full LGBTQ inclusion and making faith relevant for people of all ages, she organizes arts and cultural events at the Marin JCC. After work you can usually find her practicing yoga, making ceramics, enjoying a perfectly burnt grilled cheese, or befriending local dogs.

Kyle Hardgrave

Kyle Hardgrave is a software engineer interested in politics, tech, and media, and exploring how to use those interests to make our society more just and equitable. Currently that means working with a progressive PAC to flip state legislatures blue, and before that he spent three years trying to save publishing at Medium, an online writing platform. Kyle graduated from University of Pennsylvania where he wrote for The Daily Pennsylvanian, led a for-students by-students software team, and ran a program to encourage students to have a more mindful and disconnected relationship with technology. When not fidgeting with computers, Kyle loves to read, write, and travel to new places — though recently he is embracing the San Franciscan pastimes of climbing and yoga, and would love for you to join him sometime!

Brittany Horwich

Brittany is originally from New Jersey and spent the past two years traveling abroad to obtain her Masters and explore the world. She is a caring and thoughtful individual who deeply loves her work supporting the homeless community in San Francisco. In her free time, Brittany enjoys yoga, bouldering, being outside, reading, cooking and spending time with friends. She also has an immense love for classic rock, sarcastic humor and animals. Brittany has always had a curiosity within the forces that shape human interactions and has a passion for social development and justice.

Amanda Katz

Amanda is originally from the Los Angeles area, and now lives in San Francisco. She currently works in donor relations at The San Francisco Foundation, a nonprofit community foundation focused on racial and economic equity in the Bay Area. Prior to the Foundation, Amanda worked in nonprofit radio broadcasting, focusing on providing locally-sourced noncommercial content to the Santa Barbara area. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Psychology, Feminist Studies, and Labor Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara. Amanda is passionate about prison reform, and looks forward to exploring methods of organizing around this topic that incorporate a Jewish lens. 

James Koch

James Koch is a San Francisco native who is thrilled to have returned home after four years on the east coast. He spent those years in Baltimore, earning a BA in Behavioral Biology from Johns Hopkins University while leading outdoor trips. He returned to work as an accountant for Penumbra, Inc., a medical device company focused on creating innovative devices to treat neurovascular and peripheral diseases. In his spare time he enjoys wildlife photography, hiking, sports and spending time with friends and family.

Naomi Kosman-Wiener

Naomi grew up in San Francisco, and attended a Jewish elementary school until eighth grade. Naomi went to high school in San Francisco and then went to college in Connecticut. Naomi studied psychology and French. After college, Naomi spent a year in Paris working as an au pair and traveling around Europe. Naomi just moved back to the city and is working as a Residential Counselor at Edgewood Center for Children and Families. Naomi hopes to pursue an advanced degree in Clinical Psychology, and is eager to explore the intersection between her Jewish and queer identity. In her free time, Naomi likes to explore the city, go on walks, take yoga classes, listen to music, or watch good films. 

Zoe Lewin

Zoe is a Los Angeles transplant who has been living in the Bay Area for five years! After attending UC Berkeley for her undergraduate degree, Zoe felt compelled to stay in Berkeley and started her position as curatorial assistant at The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life, a Jewish cultural heritage museum associated with UC Berkeley. While attending Cal, Zoe began organizing around Israel-Palestine issues in Jewish spaces on campus. In this year following her graduation and in the wake of the November 9th results, Zoe has been exploring what kinds of work, on a domestic level, she can do towards making this world more just and free. When she is not helping to curate exhibition at The Magnes, Zoe can be found at Berkeley Bowl West, climbing indoor rock walls, cooking and baking, and hiking around The Bay! Zoe is incredibly eager and humbled to be partaking in The Jeremiah Fellowship with a cohort of like-minded, inspired and inspiring Jewish young adults.

Sara Lewis

Sara is a Bay Area transplant, originally hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating from the University of Rochester with a degree in Women's Studies in 2015, she packed up her bags and moved Westward. While she's envious of her friends who still get to experience all four seasons, Sara has fallen in love with the Bay Area. She works at San Francisco State University in the Title IX Office, and will soon be starting a Masters program in Women and Gender Studies at SFSU. While she's not working, she spends her time longingly browsing the shelves of queer lit at Dog Eared Books. She's been working on relaunching the SF Queer Oral History project as a volunteer for the GLBT Historical Society, and also volunteers at Family Dog Rescue, where she's made some awesome four-legged friends. Sara believes that storytelling lies at the heart of any community organizing or movement effort, and is looking forward to sharing and engaging with all kinds of stories through the Jeremiah Fellowship.