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Marc Baum

January/February Newsletter | February 11, 2016

“I think it is important to participate in the political process — period. It is important that some of that is through a Jewish organization so that it is clear that our community is not just pursuing parochial interests.” Meet Marc, chair of Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC, who says, “We have a moral imperative to speak out for others just as we have relied on others to speak out for us.”

Roni Ben-David

January/February Newsletter | February 11, 2016

“In 9th grade I hosted an anniversary party for Roe v. Wade (not widely attended...but  it was my first taste of activism). My heroes were people who spoke out against injustice — they displayed a righteous anger that I hoped to cultivate in myself.” Meet Roni, a leader on the Criminal Justice Reform team in the Bay Area, and a Jewish educator with a soft spot for cinnamon raisin bagels.

Our Newest Chapter Leaders

January/February Newsletter | February 11, 2016

In January, six women in Austin, Texas, spanning generations, life experiences, and backgrounds came together to form the first new chapter of 2016 and first chapter ever in the South. Learn their stories and what motivated them to volunteer their time to launch Bend the Arc: Austin.

Leo Ferguson

January/February Newsletter | February 11, 2016

“Selah has given me space to think intentionally and deliberately about leadership in a community of loving peers and to explore what it means to really inhabit my own power as a leader — to try and see it more and more as who I am, and not something that I perform for others. This is exciting and a little scary but I think it has the potential to make my work more joyful and my life more rich and powerful.”

Heather Booth

January/February Newsletter | February 11, 2016

“If we organize we can change the world. But only if we organize.” Heather began her inspirational career as a volunteer for Freedom Summer in Mississippi in 1964 and has been a leader in organizing for social justice ever since. In June she’ll be speaking at Bend the Arc’s national conference.