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What happened this week in LA (hint: we won!)

Bend the Arc
March 10, 2017
Anjuli Kronheim Katz


This week, American Jews in LA turned out to help successfully defeat Measure S, the harmful anti-housing initiative, and support Measure H to end homelessness!

Why this matters –

MEASURE H: The final votes on H are still being counted (it’s going to be close), but it has the potential to end homelessness in LA within the next 10-15 years.

MEASURE S: LA is one of the 10-least affordable housing markets in the world. Defeating Measure S is a step toward fixing our housing crisis and will benefit everyone in the city.

How we got here –

LEADERSHIP: In LA, Bend the Arc leaders and volunteers have invested over a year in fighting for much-needed services and funding for housing. We organized community events to learn from experts, phone banked with coalition partners regularly for a month, knocked on doors, wrote op-eds (including one signed by 15 rabbis in the Jewish Journal), and more.

PARTNERSHIP: The coalition to defeat Measure S was the largest, broadest, and most diverse in LA’s history. We are grateful for the work of so many and especially the LA County Federation of Labor and Move LA for leading the fights on S and H, respectively.

JEWISH VALUES: One of our SoCal Advocacy Committee Co-Chairs put it best, “These ballot measures connect deeply to our fundamental Jewish values… We care about homelessness and affordable housing not only because they are issues of economic justice, but because they reflect how we view each other as human beings.”

The big picture –

LA’s homeless are disproportionately people of color, as well as women, transgender people, and veterans—the very same people being left behind or specifically targeted by the Trump Administration and their Republican allies in Congress.

Guided by Jewish values, we fight back by working locally on city- and county-wide policy for economic and racial justice and inclusion.

This year in LA, American Jews stepped up and it was transformative. We will continue to grow the Jewish resistance and we will continue to win.

Anjuli Kronheim Katz
Regional Organizer

PS: Here are some of our favorite tweets from the campaign –