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This is your movement (see how it grew in 2016)

December 30, 2016
Bend the Arc
Bend the Arc in 2016American Jews are stepping up to the challenge of this moment: Our movement has grown to include you and 88,900 other progressive Jews and allies in all 50 states taking action together.Bend the Arc Jewish Action in 2016  "Only one Jewish organization fully mobilized to defeat the threatening rise of Donald Trump’s candidacy: Bend the Arc." -JewschoolBend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice in 2016: We’re building the power and passion of the Jewish movement for Justice in America by empowering grassroots leaders across the country.And you won critical victories in your cities and states for economic equity and criminal justice reform.Now we need your help to start 2017 strong.Bend the Arc is powered by contributions from people like you.Thank you for helping Bend the Arc stand up for your vision of what our country can be.