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Deferred Action for DREAMers a Victory for Networked Political Organizing

Firedoglake | June 15, 2012

Immigration rights advocates, LGBT activists, labor leaders, and “religious groups like the Jewish organization Bend the Arc” teamed up in support of prosecutorial discretion and deferred action for the DREAM Act, creating “a movement win”.

The Uphill Battle to Enforce Domestic Workers' Rights

The Nation | June 12, 2012

Even after 2010 New York Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights passed, many care workers aren’t lawfully employed with adequate benefits. The New York Care Congress met June 3 to increase “wages and benefits for this field…focusing on the humanity that unites care workers and their employers”.    

Should We be Saying Kaddish for the Jewish Left?

Justice in the City | June 12, 2012

In response to an ongoing discussion regarding the demise of the Jewish left, Bend the Arc's Board member Aryeh Cohen asserts that while the “Yiddishist/Bundist/secularist/anti-religious/communist left is dead or breathing its last,” there is a new kind of Jewish left growing vibrant: the Jewish social justice movement.

The Audacity of Our Ancestors

Tikkun | May 30, 2012

Chutzpa. That’s the word that described all three ancestral change-makers whose stories were told at “Reclaiming Jewish Activism,” a panel discussion held at Congregation Sha’ar Zahav last Thursday, May 24th, that brought together three Jewish activists to speak about our ancestors who inspire us to action.

Patriotism, Equality and Communal Obligation: Where Shavuot and Memorial Day Meet

eJewish Philanthropy | May 24, 2012

Bend the Arc's Chief Executive Officer Alan van Capelle writes in eJewish Philanthropy that "the confluence of Shavuot and Memorial Day this year is a chance to reflect on the Jewish ethos of communal obligation as it pertains to patriotism, and the American ethos of equality as it pertains to Jewish values."