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JOIN for Justice | May 15, 2012

When I became a Jeremiah Fellow with Bend The Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice in 2011, I didn’t know just how much of a transformative experience it would be.  As we come to the end of our cohort term, I reflect.

Still More Comments on Obama Evolution | May 9, 2012

Alan van Capelle, chief executive officer of Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice and former executive director of Empire State Pride Agenda: “Tonight when I go home and look at my 6-month-old son it will be the first time I will be able to tell him that our president believes we are a family. For many Americans, this is a political issue. For millions more, it’s deeply personal. 

Jewish Groups Back Obama on Gay Marriage

The Jewish Daily Forward | May 9, 2012

Jewish leaders praised President Barack Obama’s statement that he personally supports gay marriage. “Tonight for the first time I’m going to be able to go home to my six month old son and tell him that the president of the United states, Our president, thinks that we’re a family,” said Alan van Capelle, chief executive officer of Bend the Arc. 

Disgruntled Wells Fargo shareholders rally in Portland

Portland Business Journal | May 8, 2012

Protestors want to hold Wells Fargo "accountable for its destructive business practices" and its role in the housing and economic collapse.

Muslim Organizer Uses Faith to Unite Coalitions of Religions

The New York Times | May 4, 2012

"Without talking to people of faith,” said Alan van Capelle, the chief executive officer of Bend the Arc, “you can’t organize on issues like affordable housing, jobs that pay a living wage, access to affordable health care, immigration reform."