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Jewish Justice Organization Condemns Ailes Following Gawker Publication Of Emails On Soros

Media Matters | April 19, 2012

Alan van Capelle, CEO of Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice, condemns Fox News president Roger Ailes for urging hosts to push false claim that Jewish philanthropist, and Holocaust survivor, George Soros aided the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Let’s close the social justice gap and turn beliefs into action

J Weekly | April 19, 2012

Susan Lubek, Bay Area Director, discusses Bend the Arc’s motive, based on Jewish values, to work towards a better America. “The arc of history,” she says, “requires our active participation to bend toward justice.”  

Homeowner Refinancing Would Kick-Start the Economy

U.S. News & World Report | April 19, 2012

The recent overwhelming passage of the JOBS Act proves that when the business community unites behind legislation, even a bitterly divided Congress can join hands and act. So next up on the business agenda should be something less obviously a business issue but arguably more beneficial to the economy—pushing to unleash the spending power of millions of U.S. households by clearing away barriers to refinancing for homeowners current on their mortgage payments.

GEDCO opens Green House Residences at Stadium Place

Baltimore Sun | April 19, 2012

Stadium Place, one of Bend the Arc’s TEDF community investments in Baltimore, opens as a home for elders to be “in charge of their lives… not tied to the confines of a typical nursing home”.

Sen. Jeff Hayden: Denial of Somali money transfers "causing people to die"

Twin Cities Daily Planet | April 16, 2012

Community Organizing Resident Hindia Ali highlights the need for resolution allowing Somali-Minnesotans to send money to their families in Somalia and refugee camps to pass, pointing out the country’s lack of banking system and health insurance.