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CEO Stosh Cotler addresses the press in front of the U.S. Capitol Building

Bend the Arc is building the power and passion of the progressive Jewish movement in America by bringing together Jews from across the country to advocate and organize for a more just and equal society. We are the only national Jewish organization that is focused solely on promoting these values here in the U.S.

For generations, American Jews have been part of the nation’s biggest struggles for justice, inspired by our ethical tradition and motivated by the stories of our ancestors both ancient and recent. Sometimes we stood alone, and sometimes we marched alongside fearless fellow travelers, working together to shape the course of history.

Today, a new generation is reconnecting with and reclaiming that legacy. Together, as one voice, we have power and strength. Together, we can change the story of our nation.

Being part of Bend the Arc means questioning your Governor, petitioning your President, and campaigning for a new member of Congress. It means learning how to become an effective leader that can organize your community to advocate for change. It means participating in our innovative online and on-the-ground campaigns to impact the national debates of our time. And it means joining with thousands of other progressive Jews to work for an America that honors our shared values of dignity and fairness for all.

The Bend the Arc family of organizations consists of:
  • Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice, our organizing, education and leadership arm, is creating a new generation of leaders and a new community focused on upholding the proud tradition of American Jewish progressives.
  • Bend the Arc Jewish Action, and Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC, our advocacy and political arms, harness the collective energy, passion and talent of progressive American Jews to change policy and elect leaders in service of a more just and equal nation.

Together, we will make real the words of Martin Luther King Jr., inspired by Theodore Parker, that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

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