Affiliates & Partnerships

Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice is part of a nationwide network of Jewish individuals and organizations working to hold America to its promise of justice and equality for all.

Bend the Arc works with affiliates—independent local and statewide Jewish social justice organizations—that join us in our national campaigns. Bend the Arc provides affiliates with training, public relations, political direction support, and opportunities to engage effectively with national organizing.

Meet our Affiliate Organizations

Jews United for Justice (Washington, D.C. & Baltimore)

Jews United for JusticeJews United for Justice (JUFJ) was created in April, 1998, by a small group of Jews in the greater Washington, DC area. Drawing on a tradition of Jewish commitment to justice and the talents and dedication of our leaders, JUFJ is a grassroots community that seeks to repair the world by concentrating on issues of local concern. JUFJ became an affiliate of Bend the Arc in 2012.

Jewish Community Action (St. Paul, MN)

Jewish Community ActionFounded in 1995, Jewish Community Action (JCA) organizes Jewish Minnesotans to act together for social change. With a unique model that combines traditional congregational-based community organizing with issue-based campaign work, they engage their community and bring a distinctly Jewish voice to the fight for justice. JCA became an affiliate of Bend the Arc in 2012.

Jewish Social Policy Action Network (Philadelphia, PA)

Jewish Social Policy Action NetworkFounded in 2003, JSPAN focuses on domestic social policy issues. JSPAN invites everyone with a passion for progress in human events and a commitment to Jewish principles of justice to join them in working for a better world. JSPAN became an affiliate of Bend the Arc in 2014.

Carolina Jews for Justice (Raleigh, NC)

Carolina Jews for JusticeCarolina Jews for Justice (CJJ) is a Jewish, grassroots network committed to creating a just, fair and compassionate North Carolina. CJJ combines advocacy and education to organize a non-partisan Jewish voice in North Carolina. They work to influence policy at the local and state levels and encourage individuals and Jewish institutions to take a stand on important issues in our community. CJJ was founded in 2013 and became an affiliate of Bend the Arc in 2014.

Jewish Alliance for Law & Social Action (Boston, MA)

Jewish Alliance for Law & Social ActionThe Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action (JALSA) is a member-based organization, inspired by Jewish teachings and values, dedicated to being a strong, progressive, inter-generational voice for social and economic justice, civil rights, and constitutional liberties. JALSA was established in 2001 and became an affiliate of Bend the Arc in 2017.


Bend the Arc is proud to be a member of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, a network of 52 Jewish organizations working to elevate social justice to the center of Jewish life and to advance an explicitly Jewish framework in the pursuit of social justice.