Immigrant Rights

Advocating for sanctuary state protections in LA.

American Jews have not forgotten our history and we will not allow our country to become a home to bigotry and cruelty conducted by the government in our name. The majority of the Jewish community supports protecting Dreamers, immigrant rights, and a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants in this country.

For many years, Bend the Arc has mobilized the Jewish community to support just and fair immigration reform the recognizes the dignity and contributions of immigrants. Today, Bend the Arc volunteers and leaders are taking action across the country and succeeding, like in California, where we supported immigrant-led partners to help pass SB54, the strongest sanctuary state legislation in the country to protect our immigrant neighbors.

Current Focus: Protecting Dreamers and Immigrants from the Threat of Deportation 

Right now — as hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth are in danger of deportation after the dismantling of the DACA program — Bend the Arc is mobilizing American Jews to show up for our immigrant neighbors.

Bend the Arc supporters across the country are organizing in their homes and in the streets to help pass a clean Dream Act — one that protects young immigrants from deportation and does not include white supremacist immigration policies. 

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Making Progress: Key Wins and Milestones in the Fight for Immigration Reform

Over the past several years, Bend the Arc's national advocacy team and volunteer leaders have won several victories to protect immigrants, and have achieved several milestones in the long fight for comprehensive immigration reform:

  • Passed SB54, the strongest sanctuary state legislation in the nation in California in 2017.
  • Organized in support of the Liberty Act, sanctuary state legislation in NY, resulting in an executive order protecting immigrants from federal immigration officers.
  • Helped shift the narrative in the Jewish community around immigration reform with the viral quiz on
  • Mobilized Jewish community support for comprehensive immigration reform in 2013, with dozens of legislative visits and thousands of phone calls.

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