Jeremiah Fellowship

What’s Jewish About Justice?

At Bend the Arc, we take pride in the American Jewish legacy of taking action to advance justice and equality. History shows that our Jewish values, traditions, texts, history, faith and culture can contribute to solving America's most pressing issues.

The Jeremiah Fellowship gives young Jews who are committed to economic and social justice the opportunity to explore how Jewish values, culture and community can support and further their goals. Throughout the program, Fellows meet together regularly for skill building sessions, Jewish study and reflection, and mutual support. As a community, the Fellows explore their own Jewish identity and support each other in furthering their commitment to act to promote justice. Fellows learn critical leadership skills while taking part in Bend the Arc's social and economic justice campaigns and advocacy. Jeremiah Fellows are guided and mentored throughout the program by an experienced organizer.

Join with other young adults to strengthen your leadership as a Jeremiah Fellow!

Who Should Apply?

The Jeremiah Fellowship is for 22-32 year old Jews who live in a Jeremiah region (Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area). The most important requirements are openness to new ideas, a desire to be part of a learning community, the ability to make and fulfill commitments, an interest in gaining new skills and knowledge, and the willingness to offer your strengths and experiences to the group and to your community.

Click here for more information on how to apply to the Jeremiah Fellowship in the Bay Area or Los Angeles.

The Jeremiah Fellowship is also offered in Washington, D.C., by Bend the Arc affiliate Jews United for Justice. Go to Jews United for Justice's website to learn about the D.C. Jeremiah Fellowship

What Are the Elements of the Fellowship?

  • Daylong Sunday sessions once a month
  • Two weekend retreats
  • Active participation and leadership on Bend the Arc organizing or issue area work

While the Fellowship is a significant commitment, it is compatible with a full-time work or school load.

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What Happens When I’m Done?

Graduates emerge from the Jeremiah Fellowship with the organizing and advocacy skills to become successful social justice leaders. They join the alumni community of 200+ past Fellows, thus becoming part of a dynamic and collaborative community of organizers, advocates, faith leaders and community members working together to create economic opportunity and social justice. Jeremiah Fellows are encouraged to continue to build the movement for justice through Bend the Arc. Many Fellows continue to work with Bend the Arc through our campaigns and have access to trainings and other resources provided by Bend the Arc. In addition, past Fellows have self-organized alumni events for their cohorts. 

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