Our Values

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block marches with Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in June, 2017.

In the face of racism, inequality, and the politics of fear, Bend the Arc advocates fiercely, and acts courageously to promote a vision of a fair and inclusive society. Our core values help us navigate match our internal culture with our external vision, for our staff, board, and volunteer leadership.

Bend the Arc's Core Values

Moral courage: We know the fight for justice and equality will not be easy or simple and requires us to take risks and act boldly. We act with integrity - we do the right thing and uphold our values even when it is the harder, more complicated, or riskier path. We seek wisdom from our Jewish and social movement traditions to guide us.

Partnership: We recognize the power and importance of working in community with others. Through partnership and collaboration, we are able to leverage the unique strengths of our partners and allies and learn from the broader movement for justice. We welcome all who wish to join with us to build a better world.

Impact & Effectiveness: We choose goals and campaigns that we believe will be effective in making lasting and systemic change that will impact people’s lives.  We are careful stewards of our resources and deploy them strategically and with purpose. We define success, use data and metrics to guide us, and learn from our wins and setbacks.  

Dignity & Equality: We honor and protect the dignity and inherent right of all people to live in freedom and security, with access to opportunity. We treat each person with respect, honor differences, and pursue justice for all people. We hold a vision for ourselves that is “walking our talk” around all issues of equity, accessibility and inclusion, and want to be a place of radical welcome.

Resilience: We are in this work for the long haul. We persevere through challenges, find creative solutions to problems, and we create loving, meaningful, joyful community to help sustain us.

Together, we will make real the words of Martin Luther King Jr., inspired by Theodore Parker, that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

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