Selah Leadership Program

Selah Cohort 15: Jewish Leaders of Color

Selah is accepting applications for our 15th Cohort, due October 16th, 2017. Apply Here

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Investing in Leaders

Bend the Arc’s Selah Leadership Program, in partnership with the Rockwood Leadership Institute, trains a cross-section of leaders in Jewish, non-Jewish and secular organizations to be effective, sustainable and collaborative agents for change. Selah is the first leadership training designed specifically for Jewish leaders working across the social change field. Since its founding in 2004, Selah has trained more than 300 leaders from over 200 organizations. Selah participants come from diverse religious backgrounds and include secular and observant Jews who work for Jewish and secular social justice organizations.

Selah provides unparalleled training for leaders, new tools to enhance their vision and facilitate organizational change, and the opportunity to learn among some of the nation's most innovative and inspiring Jewish social change leaders. After all, no social justice leader works alone.

The Selah Approach

The Selah Leadership Program is rooted in the approach that by transforming leaders, we are better able to transform society. Over a period of six months, each Selah cohort brings 20 social change leaders together for seven days of intensive leadership and management training, with ongoing learning throughout the program. Selah approaches this learning process on three levels: the individual, the institution, and the field and integrates personal development, organizational effectiveness, and collaboration skills.

    • Selah enhances individual capacity and capabilities to create widespread change.

Selah's top-tier training helps leaders clarify their visions and hone the personal skills and strategies necessary to achieve them.

    • Selah provides a safe, healing space for Jews of Color.

One where Jewish leaders of color can build deep, interdependent relationships with one another and advance support of their leadership inside and outside the Jewish community.

    • Selah supports and sustains leaders working for social justice.

By better understanding themselves and the landscapes in which they work, leaders can work more effectively for change and prevent burnout.

    • Selah fosters connections and community.

After completing the Selah training, participants become members of the Selah Network, the only national forum of its kind where Jewish social change leaders can foster relationships, strategize, learn from one another, and find the support they need for their work over the course of their careers.


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Know an outstanding leader who would be a good match for Selah?  Recommend them here.

Recent Headlines


Jim Joseph Awards $23.7 Million for Jewish Education


The foundation also awarded Leadership Development grants totaling $7 million in support of leadership training programs and initiatives. Recipients included Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership, in support of  its Justice for the Selah Leadership Program for Jewish leaders of color.


New Selah Cohort to Support the Leadership of Jews of Color


Recruitment has begun for the fourteenth cohort of Bend the Arc’s flagship Selah Leadership Program. The program will serve Jews of Color who are leading within social justice movements and who value a supportive Jewish space to grow their leadership, build community, re-energize and make change.